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Back Pain Therapy Tilburg

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If you suffer from back pain, we at Fysi Tilburg are happy to help you get rid of it.

One of our expert physiotherapists from Tilburg will examine you and discuss your complaints. Based on this, a personal treatment plan is drawn up for the best therapy to remedy your back pain or at least reduce it.

Personal treatment plan against back pain and back problems in Tilburg

Back pain can greatly disrupt your daily life. The smallest movements can hurt and cause discomfort. In our practice in Tilburg we discuss your back pain or back problems and treat them professionally. Your physiotherapist will first find out the cause of your pain. For example, did you hurt yourself during exercise or is the pain caused by incorrect posture? And do you also suffer from back pain neck complaints? With this information, a personal treatment plan is drawn up for you, which can consist of different therapies.

A diverse range of back pain therapies in Tilburg

If you suffer from back pain or back problems, you can undergo various therapies in our practice in Tilburg. So can you manual therapy which is extremely suitable for dealing with pain in the spine. Also a dry needling treatment is among the possibilities. During this treatment, painful muscles are punctured, so that they relax and the pain decreases or even disappears completely.

Don't keep walking with your back problems: visit our practice in Tilburg

In Tilburg we professionally treat your back pain and back problems. We strive to achieve the best possible result in as few treatments as possible, so that you can quickly exercise painlessly again and undertake daily activities. Are you interested in our treatments or do you have any questions? Call to +31 (0)13 543 58 41. If you want to make an appointment right away, you can also fill in the online contact form.    

Questions about this treatment method?

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