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What exercises do you have for shop window legs, or intermittent claudication? Our physiotherapist tells more about it in this blog.

Shop window legs, or intermittent claudication, are caused by narrowed blood vessels. This narrowing is caused by calcification of the arteries. For example, insufficient blood, and therefore too little oxygen, can be led to the leg muscles. Very annoying, because this makes you hurt when you take a short or long walk. If you want to do something against this pain, it is nice to know which exercises for display legs you can perform best. There is certainly a solution for intermittent claudication. Our specialized physiotherapist from Fysi Tilburg is happy to help you with this.

Problems and complaints with shop window legs

If you suffer from shop window legs, this manifests itself in pain in your feet, calves, thighs or buttocks. This pain occurs during walking, because too little blood and oxygen can be transported to the leg muscles due to the movements. At rest, when you stand still, the muscles relax. At such a moment it is possible for the oxygen to reach your muscles. Your pain will soon subside. The result? It is less and less attractive to move, because it only hurts. By knowing which exercises are good for your shop window legs, you can counteract the pain little by little.

Which exercises for shop windows help well?

Even though moving is not nice, it is extremely important to keep moving. By moving every day, you promote blood flow. This way your leg muscles will eventually get enough blood and oxygen again, making the pain disappear. Which exercises for display legs can you perform well? This is best discussed with your physiotherapist. The weather is different for everyone, but these are examples of fine exercises for display legs:

  • Walking training on a treadmill or just outside
  • Knee raises at an easy pace
  • Stretch your legs when you sit
  • Up and down on your toes
  • Sit and stand several times

Other range of motion exercises for intermittent claudication

Of course you can also perform other fun and good forms of movement. Think of cycling (the e-bike is also allowed), swimming, running, tennis, football and dancing. Do what feels right for you and what works. You don't have to force anything, but keep challenging yourself. If you know which exercises you can do best for your shop window legs, you can also exercise in a more targeted way. Just remember not to stop moving. As tempting as this is to do, you will only exacerbate your pain complaints even more.

Work with a physiotherapist on your pain complaints

If you want to get started on combating your pain complaints, make an appointment at Fysi Tilburg. Our physiotherapists have the right knowledge and expertise to determine which exercises for claudication are best for you to perform.

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