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We recently opened this new location with great pride. Thanks to this expansion, we can serve you even better in Tilburg! Personal care makes the difference. Our goal is to provide the best possible quality physiotherapeutic care. We have been doing this since 1967. The patient and his complaint are central to this and are unique.

Best practice proven methods

We treat your complaints by sketching a total picture in which all factors that can be influenced are taken into account. As a result, we address the cause of the problem instead of the consequences. We do this according to the “best evidence based practice” principle, which means according to the latest scientific insights in combination with our own experience. Because the patient has a say with us, we draw up a suitable treatment plan based on your wishes and our expertise.


Years of experience

Treatment methods


Personal and professional

The physiotherapists in our practice are included in both the BIG register and the quality register.

Those who meet all the requirements for treatment, practical experience, training and professional consultation can be included in the Central Quality Register of the KNGF.

BIG register

Before a physiotherapist can act independently, he or she must be registered in the legal BIG register (Professions in Individual Healthcare). Strict basic rules apply to this, including a diploma from the study of physiotherapy. The title physiotherapist is legally protected and may therefore not be used by just anyone.


The professional organization, the Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy, pursues an active policy to increase the quality of physiotherapy. This includes rules of conduct, treatment guidelines, a statutory complaints procedure and scientific research. Further training is also encouraged.


ClaudicatioNet is a nationwide network of healthcare providers specialized in the treatment of patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD). ClaudicationNet strives for transparent, efficient and high-quality care for these patients. To this end, ClaudicationNet works together with various professional and patient associations.

We are a member of the KNGF

We are a member of the Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy. The KNGF is the umbrella association for physiotherapists, guarantees the quality of the profession and fights for a good position of physiotherapy and the physiotherapist in society, with politicians and insurers.