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Dry needling is a special technique in which a painful muscle is punctured with a needle, causing the muscle to quickly relax.

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Tilburg. In principle, puncturing the muscle is pain-free, although everyone may experience this differently. By briefly tapping the so-called trigger points you will feel a cramp, after which the muscle will relax. Patients often experience a tired feeling in the muscle in question after injection. This is usually short-lived.

A personal treatment plan with dry needling in Tilburg

If you suffer from long-term muscle complaints and you visit us, first discuss your specific complaints with your physiotherapist. Your painful muscles are then examined. He or she tries to determine the cause of the pain and the therapist draws up a personal treatment plan together with you. A dry needling treatment in our practices in Tilburg can be part of this. For example, if you suffer from the following complaints, dry needling can be beneficial:

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Questions about this treatment method?

Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist you!