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If you suffer from neck complaints, physiotherapy at Fysi Tilburg can help.

Questions about this treatment? Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

If you suffer from neck complaints, it is advisable to undergo physiotherapy at one of our practices in Tilburg. It is important that you treat neck pain in a professional manner, because you need to get rid of your neck complaints in the right way. You can combat your neck pain in a targeted manner through a personal treatment plan in one of our practices in Tilburg. One of our physiotherapists will examine all complaints in your neck and then set up a good treatment program for you. Together we work towards the recovery of your neck, so that you can move your neck again without pain in no time.

What are neck complaints?

With neck complaints you have enormous pain in the neck. This neck pain can be present very suddenly or develop very gradually. Neck pain often comes from the muscles, small joints and ligaments in the neck. Neck complaints are usually not caused by serious conditions. In most cases, normal neck pain goes away on its own. Is this not the case for you and does the pain in your neck remain? If you have neck complaints, register for physiotherapy in one of our practices in Tilburg.

How do neck complaints arise?

Neck complaints can have various causes. That is why we always investigate the cause of your neck complaints during physiotherapy. This way we can tackle the cause of your pain and ensure that it disappears as quickly as possible. You may already have suspicions about the origins of the complaints in your neck. Please share these suspicions with our physiotherapist, so that he or she can check whether the suspicions are correct. 

Your neck pain can be caused by, among other things:

  • Long-lasting tensions
  • Wrong attitude
  • A sudden or wrong movement
  • Overload
  • An accident
  • A sports injury

How can you have neck complaints treated with physiotherapy at our practices in Tilburg?

Fysi Tilburg offers various types of physiotherapy for neck complaints. Before we treat you, we will explain the various options to you. Depending on the causes of your neck pain, we will determine in consultation with you which physiotherapy treatments you will receive. Some possible physiotherapies are:

Each form of therapy has its own course and works in a different way. Our physiotherapist will therefore discuss in advance which physiotherapy best suits your neck complaints. Do you agree with the personal treatment plan that is drawn up for you? Then it is time to tackle your neck pain in a targeted manner.

Choose an efficient and effective physiotherapy treatment at Fysi Tilburg 

All physiotherapists at Fysi Tilburg are professionally trained and regularly undergo further training. This means they know exactly which treatments you need and they carry out every form of physiotherapy offered professionally. Do you suffer from persistent neck complaints and would you like to have them treated by targeted physiotherapy? Please feel free to contact us. We strive to combat your neck pain with as few treatments as possible, so that you can quickly get rid of all complaints in your neck. Make an appointment online at one of our practices to relieve your pain as quickly as possible.

Questions about this treatment method?

Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist you!