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Do you have hip complaints or hip pain? At Fysi Tilburg we do everything we can to help you get rid of it.

Questions about this treatment? Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

What are hip complaints?

Hip complaints are common. They can range from mild discomfort to serious pain and can affect people of all ages, including you. If you have hip problems, you may notice that your mobility is limited or that your quality of life is even affected. At Fysi Tilburg we are happy to help you identify the causes and reduce the complaints. We do this on the basis of a personal treatment plan and therapy that is best specifically for you.

How can you get hip problems?

Hip complaints can have all kinds of causes. The complaints are often caused by overload, incorrect posture or (sports) injuries. Prolonged incorrect exercise can also damage the hip, while falling can cause a hip fracture. In addition, age and genetic factors play a role, because they can accelerate the wear and tear of the hip joint. Consider osteoarthritis, which is especially common in older adults. The cartilage in the hip joint then gradually deteriorates, causing you to feel pain and stiffness.

Various therapies for hip complaints in Tilburg

If you suffer from hip complaints, you can choose from a number of therapies in our practice in Tilburg to bring relief and improvement. This can include exercise therapy, with special exercises to strengthen the muscles around the hip joint and improve stability. But you can also consider manual therapy, rehabilitation after surgery or pain management with techniques such as heat and cold treatments. We can also help you to better manage your hip complaints, for example through tips and advice about posture, ergonomics and lifestyle.

Questions about this treatment method?

Whatever therapy we choose together, we do our best to achieve optimal results in as few treatments as possible. Do you want to know more? Call to +31 (0)13 543 58 41 (Wilhelminapark practice) or +31 (0)13 303 60 01 (Wandelbos practice). Or just make an appointment immediately.

Questions about this treatment method?

Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist you!