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Physiotherapy of the temporomandibular joint can be effective for complaints such as fatigue of the jaw, pain in the jaw, creaking or snapping sound in the jaw, limited mouth opening or headache from the temporomandibular joint.

Information about jaw jaw physiotherapy

Possible causes of these complaints may be clenching and grinding of the teeth, chewing gum, stress or tension, or biting the nails. Our jaw physiotherapist can help with this by providing appropriate exercises, appropriate advice, mobilizing the jaw joint and reducing tension in the jaw muscles.

Research shows that 21% of Dutch people suffer from jaw complaints, but only 2 to 4% seek help. If you suffer from the above complaints, it is always wise to have this looked at by one of our physiotherapists.

Jaw physiotherapy is a separate training within physiotherapy and can be done after completing the physiotherapy training.

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