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Neck complaints physiotherapy Tilburg

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If you suffer from neck complaints, physiotherapy at Fysi Tilburg can help.

We offer various therapies in our practices in Tilburg and draw up a personal treatment plan for you. This way we give you exactly the treatment, or treatments, that you need for your neck complaints.

Neck complaints? Get rid of it with our physiotherapy in Tilburg!

Neck complaints can be caused by various situations. For example, you may have made a wrong move or you often adopt a wrong attitude. An accident or sports injury can also leave you with neck complaints, such as pain or stiffness. When you make an appointment at our practice in Tilburg for neck complaints physiotherapy, you will have a conversation with one of our expert therapists. In consultation with you, he or she determines which physiotherapy is needed to remedy your neck complaints and prevent them in the future. Some possible therapies are:

An efficient and effective physiotherapy treatment of your neck complaints in Tilburg

All our therapists are professionally trained and regularly follow further training. As a result, they know exactly which treatments you need and carry them out professionally. We strive to achieve an optimal result with as few treatments as possible, so that you are quickly relieved of your neck complaints. Do you want to follow physiotherapy with us in Tilburg to deal with your neck complaints or do you have questions about our therapies? Call to +31 (0)13 543 58 41. You can also schedule an appointment directly via the online contact form.

Questions about this treatment method?

Feel free to contact us, we are happy to talk to you!