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The sports physiotherapist at Fysi Tilburg will tell you how injuries (can) arise and whether you can continue to exercise.

You are exercising very well. Maybe you're training for your first Ironman, a 10-kilometer running race, you do weekly strength training in the gym or you float in the pool several times a week. Everything is going well, until you suddenly have pain after exercising. An injury occurred suddenly or slowly. To compress! Just when you were doing so well. Do you have to put everything on hold or can you exercise with an injury? The sports physiotherapist at Fysi Tilburg will tell you how injuries (can) arise and whether you can continue to exercise.

How do sports injuries occur?

When you exercise, things can sometimes go wrong. Think of a pulled muscle, a torn tendon or a joint that turns the wrong way. You may also perform movements incorrectly or exercise too much in a short period of time, putting enormous strain on your muscles. Sports injuries occur suddenly or gradually. In some cases you can continue to exercise with an injury. The most common injuries caused by sports are:

  • Knee injuries
  • Ankle injuries
  • Achilles tendon injuries
  • Groin injuries
  • Hamstring injuries

This way you can prevent sports injuries

A sports injury can certainly be prevented in most cases. One of the most important pieces of advice is to build up slowly with every sport you start with. We understand that this may be frustrating, especially when you see other people around you exercising harder and faster. Remember that they also started at the beginner level. It is always good to warm up so that your muscles are nice and warm. Be sure to exercise regularly to maintain your fitness. If you have been ill for a while or do not take any sports equipment with you on holiday, you should start exercising again after this period. This way you can partly prevent yourself from sustaining an injury while exercising.

Can you exercise responsibly with an injury?

Playing sports with an injury is certainly possible. Sometimes it is wise to take a break, especially if you are in a lot of pain. It is also smart to exercise less fanatically. To keep moving in the best way is sports physiotherapy a good choice. At Fysi Tilburg, an experienced sports physiotherapist will examine your complaints. These are examined and at the same time the cause of your injury is investigated. Depending on your sports injury, a treatment plan will be drawn up that you can get started with. The sports physio will do his or her utmost so that you can ultimately move and exercise pain-free again.

Get started with professional sports physio and exercise pain-free again

We understand that you want to exercise again as soon as possible. Our advice is to make an appointment at one of our practices. This way you can quickly get started on combating your injury and you will soon be able to exercise again in your favorite place! Make an appointment with us sports physiotherapist in Tilburg by calling or texting to +31 (0)13 543 58 41 or by sending an email to We have already prepared the weights and cardio equipment!

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