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Our physiotherapy treatments in Tilburg

Shockwave therapy

Rehabilitation after surgery

Manual therapy

Why Fysi Tilburg as your physiotherapist?

Personalized approach

We have a personal approach. Your question is central and determines our plan.


We focus on the cause of the problem rather than the consequences.

Further training

Through constant further training we can provide the most relevant care.

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Central physio in Tilburg

You can find your specialized physiotherapist at Fysi Tilburg. The physiotherapy practices are close to Tilburg Noord, the center and the Wandelbos. We have a physiotherapist working with us in Tilburg for various therapies. Our well-trained therapists will tell you exactly which treatments are relevant to you. During the intake, the therapist draws up a personal treatment plan, so that you know exactly which physiotherapy you need.

Various physiotherapy treatments at Fysi Tilburg

Do you suffer from muscle pain, stiffness or a sports injury? Or do you have sagging legs, back problems or neck problems? Have a physiotherapist from Fysi Tilburg investigate the cause of your body complaints. We offer various physiotherapy treatments. With this we take away or reduce your pain. Consider treatments such as:

  • Shockwave therapy for tendon complaints, muscle pain, stiffness and other complaints;
  • Ultrasound whereby images are made of the joints in arms and legs;
  • Manual therapy for less pain and improvement of your freedom of movement.

Shockwave and manual therapy in Tilburg

At our physio practices in Tilburg you can visit a physiotherapist for shockwave therapy, for example. Shockwave therapy is a treatment method in which powerful shock waves are delivered to the body part to be treated using a shockwave device. This activates the tissue's repair mechanism, which improves blood flow, stimulates cell repair and increases metabolism. This therapy can help with various complaints such as chronic shoulder and neck complaints, knee complaints and heel pain. Manual therapy is also possible. This can help with muscle pain or pain in the joints in your neck, back or limbs. This therapy is performed by a physiotherapist from Fysi Tilburg in one of our physiotherapy practices.

Benefit from efficient and effective treatments by our physiotherapists in Tilburg

Are you interested in treatment with a physiotherapist in Tilburg? We offer a wide and diverse range of therapies in our physio practices. Our physiotherapist listens to your complaints and strives to relieve you of your complaints as quickly as possible. View all the options on our website and make an appointment with one of Fysi's physiotherapists.

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