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Your physiotherapist in Tilburg.

Personal care makes the difference.

Our physiotherapy treatments in Tilburg

Shock wave therapy

Rehabilitation after surgery

Manual therapy

Why Fysi Tilburg as your physiotherapist?

Personalized approach

We have a personal approach. Your question is central and determines our plan.


We focus on the cause of the problem rather than the consequences. 

Further training

Through constant further training, we can offer the most relevant care. 

Central physio in Tilburg

If you are looking for physio near Tilburg Noord, the center or the Wandelbos, Fysi Tilburg is the practice for you. You can contact our physiotherapists in Tilburg for various therapies. Our well-trained therapists can tell you exactly which treatments are relevant to you. During the intake interview, your therapist will draw up a personal treatment plan for you, so that you receive exactly the treatments you need. 

Various physiotherapy treatments at Fysi Tilburg

Do you suffer from muscle pain, stiffness or a sports injury? Or do you have shop window legs, back problems or neck problems? Whatever you suffer from, in one of our physiotherapy practices near Tilburg Noord and the center we offer various treatments that will remove or at least reduce your pain. For example, you can get shockwave therapy with us, which we can use to treat tennis elbow and chronic neck and shoulder pain, among other things. Shockwave therapy is relatively new, but we have all the knowledge and equipment to perform this form of physiotherapy safely and effectively in our practices in Tilburg. 

Dry needling and manual therapy in Tilburg

If you suffer from stiff muscles for a long time, our dry needling therapy may give you relief. With this therapy, the stiff muscles are punctured, causing them to relax and the muscle pain to decrease or even disappear completely. Do you suffer from your muscles or joints in your back, neck or limbs? Then manual therapy, which we offer in our physiotherapy practices near Tilburg Noord, the center or the Wandelbos, may be a solution. During this therapy, your muscles or joints are relaxed, effectively tackling the pain.

Benefit from efficient and effective treatments by our physiotherapists in Tilburg

In our physio practices near Tilburg Noord, the center or the Wandelbos we offer a large and diverse range of therapies. We listen carefully to your complaints and strive to relieve you of your complaints in as few treatments as possible, so that you can move painlessly again quickly. Do you also want to get rid of your pain complaints? Check out the options on our website and make an appointment.

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