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Many people suffer from neck complaints at some point. Neck pain is the most common physical complaint in the Netherlands after back pain. However, due to the presence of ligaments, muscles and joints, the location of neck pain is not always easy to identify.

Neck pain is usually caused by a (long-term) incorrect posture or incorrect movement. The pain often radiates to the shoulders, arms and fingers or to the head. Neck pain is therefore often the cause of headaches and dizziness.

The types of neck pain

Shoulder muscles can become overloaded due to incorrect posture, for example due to sitting at the computer for a long time. The neck muscles have to continuously make extra effort, which eventually causes complaints. Other neck complaints can be caused by tension, stress and/or fatigue. Whiplash, which is usually caused by an uncontrolled movement of the neck due to, for example, a rear-end collision, falls or bumps, neck osteoarthritis due to wear and tear of the joints or a neck hernia can also cause neck complaints. In a neck hernia, the bulging soft core of an intervertebral disc presses against a nerve, causing it to become inflamed.

What can a physiotherapist do?

It is wise to prevent neck complaints from becoming chronic and to remedy the cause of the complaints in time. The physiotherapist can provide support with this. Depending on the nature of the complaints, he will determine which therapy may be the right one to help you get rid of your complaints or alleviate them. This can be exercise therapy, shockwave therapy, massage of trigger points (muscle knots in the muscles of the neck) or dry needling. Dry needling involves pricking the muscle with a needle, allowing the muscle to relax. In addition to the treatment by the physiotherapist, you can also temporarily use painkillers. But be careful: these do not solve the cause of the condition, so never use them for longer than three months.

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