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How does spit occur and what does it mean? You probably know it yourself as 'going through the back'. Our physio will tell you everything about how lumbago occurs.

A fairly common pain is lumbago. But how does spit form and what does it mean? You probably know spit, just under a different name. Most people call it "going through the back" or say it was "shot in the back." This pain is extremely annoying and often happens suddenly. That is often the cause of lumbago: a sudden movement. You naturally want to know how long you will continue to suffer from this pain, how you can prevent lumbago from now on and what is the best thing to do now. Our physio will tell you everything about how lumbago occurs and what the phenomenon entails.

How does spit occur: several causes

How does spit form? We just mentioned it, but spit often occurs due to a sudden movement. This can be a turning movement or, for example, bending over. That is why lumbago regularly occurs in people who lift their heavy shopping bags in the wrong way. Furthermore, causes of lumbago can include:

  • Sitting/standing in an incorrect position for a long time
  • Wrong lifting
  • Doing too hard work
  • A less good physical condition
  • A hernia

Of course there are more causes. Do you want to be able to specifically tackle the cause of your lumbago? Then it is best to call in a specialist, such as a physiotherapist. At Fysi in Tilburg we investigate your back pain carefully, after which we can draw up a good treatment plan.

How can you prevent lumbago?

Prevention is better than cure. This certainly also applies to spit. That is why we recommend strengthening your back muscles. If the muscles in your back are properly trained, you will greatly prevent pain in your back or your back from becoming overloaded. There are several exercises that will help prevent lumbago in the future. Be sure to ask your physiotherapist for good exercises so that you can start strengthening your back muscles.

Spit treatments to resolve the pain complaints

You now know how spit is formed. But how do you solve the complaints associated with lumbago? Sometimes the pain in your back disappears after just one day. However, it is not abnormal if the pain lasts between four to eight weeks. Within that period, lumbago usually disappears on its own. 

Are you unsure about your back pain or have you been suffering from lumbago-related complaints for almost two months? Please contact one of our physiotherapy practices. We examine your pain and try to determine the cause of the pain. In consultation with you, we draw up a treatment plan and work towards a pain-free back!

Make an appointment and deal with your back pain

Time to make your intense back pain a thing of the past. Check with yourself how your lumbago came about. That makes combating pain a lot easier. This way, one of our specialized physiotherapists can get to work in a targeted manner and you will soon go home with exercises that match your cause of pain. Make an appointment with us today Physiotherapist in Tilburg to record. We will schedule a time together as soon as possible!

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