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Why do my kneecap hurt? Cause and treatment

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Have you ever had problems with your kneecap? Our physiotherapist from Fysi Tilburg explains the various causes and treatments to you.

It is important to move (intensively) for at least thirty minutes every day. That is of course very unattractive if you have problems with your kneecap. This pain in your kneecaps can have various causes. The fact is that you experience pain while walking, running, cycling (especially with some headwind), climbing stairs, squatting or kneeling. Perhaps your knee often pops out and back again. We can already reassure you: this pain is not dangerous and does not destroy anything. Moreover, the kneecap pain can be solved well if it is treated specifically. Our physiotherapist from Fysi Tilburg explains the various causes and treatments to you.

Causes why you suffer from your kneecap

There are many people who walk around with knee pain. Especially young people and adults up to the age of 35 (most of whom are women) suffer from their kneecap. To be able to tackle these physical complaints, it is necessary to be able to determine a cause. Sometimes the cause can be seen almost immediately, but a physiotherapist may first have to measure something and have you perform (strength) exercises. Causes of kneecap pain can include:

  • Leg length difference
  • Muscles in your hips and legs are not strong enough
  • You make wrong movements with your knee
  • You overloaded the knee
  • Flexible joints (hypermobility)
  • Overweight
  • X-legs

What's bothering you in your knees?

If you have problems with your kneecap, this can manifest itself in different ways. This way you can continuously experience an enormous stabbing pain. This can be so bad that you can't sleep or just want to cry out during the day. Furthermore, your knee can hurt if you sit too long with bent knees or lie on the bed. Your knee may crack when you move or be stiff/thick. Have you been taking painkillers for a while and are you discouraged by this pain in your kneecaps? It's time to deal with this knee pain. There is certainly a solution!

Get rid of your knee pain

During a first appointment in our practice, our physiotherapist will examine how it is possible that you are suffering from your kneecap. We let you perform various exercises. It may also be that we make an ultrasound. This allows us to exclude various causes, such as fractures. While many people think that knee pain is caused by the knees, the hips also play a major role in this. You may therefore be advised a treatment that you did not initially think of. How can you deal with knee pain? Depending on the cause of your pain, you will receive one of the following treatments:

Move (pain) free and perform your favorite sport again

As you can see, there are plenty of possible solutions. That pain you now have from your kneecap? You will definitely get rid of that! We have received enough people in our practices who became discouraged by their knee pain and were able to move pain-free again after targeted physiotherapy. Are you ready to perform your favorite sport/activity without knee pain? Then make an appointment with us physiotherapist in Tilburg. You can reach us by sending an email to  info@fysi.nl or by calling or apping to +31 (0)13 543 58 41. See you soon!

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