Medical taping as an effective treatment against heel spurs

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Medical taping works very well against heel spurs. One of our physiotherapists will be happy to take you through the story of this treatment

You suffer from heel spurs and would like to have this treated as quickly as possible. This hurts when standing and walking. This pain can hinder you in daily life. It is important that this pain under the heel is addressed in a targeted manner. Fortunately, medical taping works very well against heel spurs. We offer this form of taping at Fysi Tilburg, so that recovery goes as smoothly as possible. One of our physiotherapists will be happy to take you through the story of this treatment. 

What is heel spur?

Medical taping helps with heel spurs. But what exactly is heel spurs? With heel spurs you suffer from pain under your heel. Your heel spur was probably caused by too long or too much tension on the tendon under your foot. This can be the result of too much or too little exercise. This pain is especially pronounced when you stand or walk. Very annoying, because you can't enjoy your daily walk through the woods or that run that you enjoy so much. 

Even if you have slept wonderfully and just wake up and get up, you can experience a lot of pain. This way you will be awake immediately, because there is a good chance that it will feel like your foot is being stabbed with sharp knives. Doesn't sound nice and it definitely isn't.

What works against pain under your heel?

Heel spurs can last for quite a few months. For quick relief of your pain, we can recommend medical taping. Furthermore, it is extremely important that you wear the right shoes. These shoes must fit your feet exactly, so that your feet are properly supported. It is also important that you do not walk or stand too much in a row. Exercise is healthy, but too much exercise is not good either. At such moments you will notice that you experience extra pain.

How does medical taping work for heel spurs?

Are you coming to our physio practice with your pain complaints? Then we may opt for medical taping for your heel spur. This is an easy and accessible way to relieve your pain. Of this way of taping your heel is supported. At Fysi Tilburg we use CureTape. This is a medical tape that can stretch just as well as your skin. This creates a kind of second skin at the bottom of your heel and you hardly feel the tape. 

Combat your heel spurs and enjoy every step you take again

We are happy to welcome you by appointment in our practices in the Wandelbos and the Wilhelminapark. Are you interested in medical taping as a treatment for your heel spurs? Please feel free to make an appointment with us physiotherapy practice in Tilburg. Together we work towards a heel that no longer hurts. We investigate the cause of the pain you experience under your heel, so that we can treat and advise you properly. The road to pain-free walking may seem long, but it is definitely worth taking. Contact us by calling or texting +31 (0)13 543 58 41 or by sending an email to

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