Shockwave therapy for long-term shoulder complaints

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Shoulder complaints are usually caused by overloading the shoulder. They can also be caused by tensions at home or at work. In addition to shoulder pain, which sometimes radiates to the arm and/or fingers, there are also regular neck complaints.

With shoulder complaints, making certain movements is often difficult. It simply does not work or there are nagging or severe pain complaints that make movement impossible. Shockwave therapy for long-term shoulder complaints can provide relief.

Where does my shoulder pain come from?

The exact cause of (long-term) shoulder complaints is often difficult to determine. The shoulder is a vulnerable area where muscles and tendons are close together in a small space. A shoulder is also a joint that needs a lot of space to move freely. If a tendon is swollen, this space is soon too small.

There are, however, several disorders to be distinguished. As:

  • Bursitis
  • Muscle tension in the neck and back
  • Joint capsule inflammation
  • Tendonitis
  • Frozen shoulders
  • Arthrosis
  • Impingement

What can shockwave therapy mean for (long-term) shoulder complaints?

If the physiotherapist has determined the exact cause of the shoulder complaints during an intake interview, he can decide to use shock wave therapy in the treatment. A shockwave – shock wave in Dutch – is a pressure wave just like sound, only much faster. The wave bounces off, causing a vibration. A conductive gel is used to allow this vibration to penetrate the tissues. The vibration provides extra proteins and the production of growth factors. These, in turn, stimulate cell growth. Also, if the complaints are caused by calcification, a shock wave can make this calcium brittle, causing it to fall apart. The body then cleans up the calcium. However, if calcium has become too hard and bone has formed, shock wave therapy will no longer help. In order to determine this, an ultrasound examination is always carried out prior to any shock wave therapy. Do you have shoulder complaints and do you want to know whether shock wave therapy is a treatment that can be a solution or relief for your condition? Then contact Physiotherapy Wilhelminapark in Tilburg and move complaints-free again in the future.

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