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What to do about knee pain after running? Our sports physio will explain everything about runner's knees. Read more about it!

There are millions of runners worldwide. Logical, because it can be very nice to 'empty' your head after a long day at the office. Less pleasant is pain in the knees after running. The pain in and around the knee occurs in many runners - more often in women than in men - and is called runner's knee. A runner's knee is not immediately harmful and often disappears after a while. It is important to keep an eye on the pain. This should not worsen and hinder you in daily life. Our sports physio will explain everything about runner's knees.

Causes of knee pain after a run

There is no single specific cause for knee pain after running. There are several factors that can cause you to suffer from runner's knee. You may have only just discovered your love for this wonderful sport. You train too much and want to surpass yourself every training session. Very recognizable for many runners, but it can quickly result in knee pain. 

It may also be that you have started exercising more in a short period, for example because you have a competition planned. Understandable, because you may want to finish first (and certainly not last), but a runner's knee is not beneficial to your running performance. Another risk factor is that you have not run for a while. You were sick or on vacation, and you didn't want to take your running clothes with you in the suitcase. If you immediately want to run again at your 'old' level after such a period, this can cause pain in the knees.

Exercises and advice for runner's knee

There are various strength exercises that can help with runner's knee. It is important that your muscles become stronger and get the right rest. For example, run less often or stop running altogether if you feel a lot of pain in your knees after running. Sometimes not running for a few weeks can make runner's knee disappear. Try to exercise enough so that you stay fit. This way you can swim, walk or cycle quietly, this hardly puts any strain on your knees. Has the pain gone? Then build up your running very slowly, so that you don't have to hide your running shoes on your shoe rack again the same week.

Physio will – literally – help you get back on track

If you continue to have pain in your knees after running, it is time for help from our sports physiotherapist. Bee sports physio Your knees will be examined and we will draw up a personal treatment plan for you. Depending on your complaints, appropriate therapies and exercises will be included in your plan. We will treat your runner's knee and help you prevent future runner's knee. Movement therapy may become part of your sports physio, so that you can improve your posture and motor skills. This way you can hit the road stronger in your most aerodynamic running outfit!

Feel free to register for your favorite running event

Whatever running goals you have – your first 5K, first half or even full marathon – we are happy to help you if your knees hurt after running. Register for your favorite running event in consultation with your sports physiotherapist. It is wise to set realistic goals for yourself. And, let's be honest, the atmosphere is always fantastic at every distance! Reason enough to stick to a gentle build-up. Make an appointment with us today physiotherapist in Tilburg by calling/apping to +31 (0)13 543 58 41 or sending an email to info@fysi.nl and get started with our sports physio.

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