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What to do if it shoots you in the back? Read more about it in our blog.

You probably know it. You're lifting weights. Or maybe you bend down to pick up your heavy shopping bags. Perhaps you have been sitting in your favorite reading chair for a while and you get up. And then you feel it. The pain shoots into your back. Every movement is one too many and hurts terribly. Of course you want to get rid of this pain as quickly as possible. But what to do if it shoots you in the back? Our physiotherapist will explain to you what you can do best if you have a shot in your back.

How can it shoot you in the back?

Prevention is better than cure. Yet you are now looking for answers on what to do when it hits you in the back. We'll get to that in a moment. Naturally, you would rather avoid this pain in your back. Being shot in the back can have several causes. This could be due to:

  • A wrong move
  • Too little exercise
  • Lifting incorrectly or too heavy
  • Wrong attitude
  • Making a sudden movement
  • Wear due to age

However, don't let the latter point mislead you. It can also hit young people in the back. How does that happen? There is a good chance that you see the cause of your acute back pain in the list above.

What to do if it shoots you in the back? These tips will help you!

It won't hurt if it shoots you in the back. Still, it's quite annoying. This acute back pain can last for about six weeks, although for most people the pain disappears much faster. Good. It was shot in your back. What to do if it shoots you in the back? Try to keep moving. Your first reaction is to avoid this, but this actually makes the pain last longer. There is no harm in taking a painkiller such as paracetamol. This is how you take away the worst pain.

It is also wise to make an appointment with a physiotherapist. There is a huge chance that it was shot in your back due to incorrect posture or weak back muscles. In these cases it is important that you do something about it. At Fysi Tilburg we can help you with this.

Physiotherapy if it was shot in your back

You are welcome for targeted physiotherapy at our branches in the Wilhelminapark and Wandelbos. One of our physios will examine your back and discuss the (possible) cause of the back pain. What is done if it shoots in your back largely depends on the cause. During the back pain therapy We work to ensure that it is less likely to hurt your back and that you can move pain-free again. Bring on those full shopping bags!

Make an appointment and combat your acute back pain

What to do if it shoots you in the back? Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment with one of ours physiotherapists in Tilburg. We are happy to help you combat acute back pain, so that you can recover quickly. Together we will ensure that it is much less likely to shoot you in the back in the future. Make an appointment at one of our branches by calling or texting +31 (0)13 543 58 41 or by sending an email to info@fysi.nl.

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