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Do you have tendonitis in the shoulder? You're not the only one. Read in this blog which treatments work effectively!

Do you have tendonitis in the shoulder? You're not the only one. Tendonitis is common. Such an inflammation is often caused by overload. This can be due to odd jobs, other professional activities, repeatedly making the same movements or, for example, sports. Which treatment is best suited for shoulder tendonitis? That is something that a physiotherapist can often determine well. Naturally, you prefer to treat tendonitis in the shoulder as quickly as possible. The inflammation hurts and can even hinder you in daily life. In this informative blog post, our physiotherapist explains which treatment works for shoulder tendonitis.

What is shoulder tendonitis?

Which treatment is suitable for shoulder tendonitis? Before we answer that question, it would be nice if you knew what exactly shoulder tendonitis is. Tendonitis is an irritation and is caused by an overloaded muscle. If you do a lot of sports or perform the same types of movements during a physically intensive job, the risk of tendonitis is remote. Fortunately, the inflammation does not cause any harm. The tendonitis is not harmful. It's just an unpleasant feeling. The tendon often hurts continuously, even at rest and when you lie in bed. Time to fight this pain.

Prevent tendonitis in the shoulder

Unfortunately, tendonitis in the shoulder usually cannot be prevented. You can, however, reduce the risk of inflammation. How? By training the tendons and building this up slowly. We also recommend spreading the activities/jobs that put a lot of strain on your shoulder over several days. This way the tendons have time to relax from the effort. So don't work on the same job for hours on end if you're not used to it, but let your body slowly get used to certain movements. Do pain complaints occur? Then take a rest. Your body signals that your tendon needs to relax.

Which treatment helps with shoulder tendonitis?

Which treatment is suitable for shoulder tendonitis partly depends on your complaints. Our physio first examines the pain points. If necessary, an ultrasound will be made to check whether there is calcium in the tissue and whether the structure is still good. In most cases, inflammation in the tendon occurs due to overload. We often advise you to rest your shoulder. Spare your shoulder where possible. You can put some strain on the shoulder, as long as it doesn't hurt.

Injection therapy is also an option. These injections consist of medications that inhibit inflammation. This will not cure the inflammation, but you will have less pain in your shoulder. The same applies to painkillers and anti-inflammatories such as paracetamol, diclofenac and ibuprofen. 

Treatments we perform for shoulder tendonitis

Dry needling, shockwave therapy, exercise therapy and manual therapy are the treatments we most often perform for shoulder tendonitis. Bee dry needling our physio will stimulate the muscles. This is done without pain, but you may sometimes feel a cramp. That is normal, because a muscle responds briefly to the injection. A shockwave device takes care of that shockwave therapy prevents the muscle from being exposed to powerful shock waves, causing micro damage. It may sound crazy, but this damage ensures a faster recovery process. 

Our manual therapist can also help with treatment for tendonitis in the shoulder. The stiff joints are manipulated (cracked) or mobilized. Naturally, the therapist ensures that this is done safely and correctly. You can also opt for practicetherapy, where you exercise under the supervision of a physio. This way you train your tendon and surrounding muscles and ensure that they become overloaded less quickly.

Treat the tendonitis in your shoulder with good treatment

Have you been walking around with pain in your shoulder for a while and want to be able to move pain-free again? Time to make an appointment at one of our physio practices! We will help you get rid of tendonitis in your shoulder with the right treatment. Make an appointment by calling/texting +31 (0)13 543 58 41 or send an email to info@fysi.nl. See you soon with us physiotherapist in Tilburg!

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