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What treatment helps with tennis elbow? Discover in our blog how you can eventually play tennis pain-free again.

You suffer from tennis elbow. That is a very painful condition. Fortunately, with the right treatment, you can certainly fix your tennis elbow. Various treatments are possible. Of course you want to go through life pain-free as soon as possible. At Fysi Tilburg we totally understand that. With a tennis elbow, it is not attractive to exercise and simple household tasks sometimes hurt too much. This condition is common and not only as a result of fanatically hitting balls on the tennis court. Discover how you can eventually play tennis pain-free again 

Playing tennis and unilateral movements: this is how tennis elbows develop

Many tennis players will at some point have to deal with tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis. This is because in tennis you often mainly strain the same tendons and muscles in your forearm. Tennis players over the age of 35 are more likely to suffer from this annoying condition. The extensor muscles are overloaded or in the wrong way and this eventually manifests itself in a tennis elbow. Is tennis bad for you? Certainly not! Keep hitting balls on the tennis court and beating your competitors during (friendly) matches. A tennis elbow is annoying, but can be remedied with the right treatment. In addition, tennis elbow can also occur during other activities, such as household chores or various activities.

EPTE therapy is a good treatment for tennis elbow

You want to get rid of pain as soon as possible. We call the treatment that helps very effectively with tennis elbow EPTE therapy. EPTE stands for ultrasound-guided percutaneous therapeutic electrolysis. The therapy does not hurt very much, but the electric current can briefly hurt a little. The amount of pain is nothing compared to the pain you are walking around with right now. Before one of our physiotherapists determines your treatment, he or she will investigate the cause of your pain. 

This way it can also be determined how many treatments you need to get rid of your tennis elbow. This can be done after just one treatment, but it also regularly happens that multiple treatments are needed. We will discuss the expected quantity with you and can of course always adjust it. We also recommend in a number of situations to combine this therapy with another type of therapy, such as sports therapy. Thanks to the therapies, your muscles and tendons recover and you will soon be able to fully participate in the tennis season again. 

Hit the ball again soon

Take your tennis shoes out of the shoe rack again. Is your tennis outfit ready for the next competition? Thanks to ultrasound-guided percutaneous therapeutic electrolysis, you will soon be able to fully participate in the tennis season again. Keep the tips from our physiotherapist in mind, so that you do not end up with tennis elbow again. If you are interested in targeted treatment for your tennis elbow, you can make an appointment with us physiotherapist in Tilburg. Call or app to +31 (0)13 543 58 41 or send an email to info@fysi.nl. We are happy to help you on your way (or in this case: the tennis court)!

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